Saturday, 18 October 2014


I am not very good with houseplants. I blame my house, which doesn't have windowsills, so it is hard to position pot plants near the light. But with these lovely orchids I seem to have developed greenfingers. They were given to me at school back in July, and still look magnificent. I said as a joke to the teacher who gave them to me that perhaps they were plastic, and she looked horrified for a few moments, until she realized that I was just pulling her leg. Aren't they lovely!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Village Post Office

Here is the second of my shops - The Village Post Office. This was just as much fun to stitch. I love the very slow process of stitching away, building up the whole picture, although on this one I seem to have covered up most of my knitting on the front.

On one side of the shop is a red pillarbox, while on the other is an old-fashioned red telephone box. The village postman has been rather careless, and left his bicycle and a couple of sacks of mail propped up at the back.

I still have one more knitted shop left to embroider. I would welcome any suggestions. I am considering a Sweet Shop - shelves of brightly coloured jars of sweets, or perhaps a Florist, or a Bakery ...... I may have to get knitting again.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Loom Bands

Loom bands are the craze that have swept the country. I don't know if they have gone global, but they are certainly are big in the UK. My husband came home from work one day, saying that all his colleagues were wearing a band made by a small relative.

But did you know that you can also make small creatures? The tutorials for these are very easy to find on Youtube. My daughter made herself the panda, and the duck for me. I think they are really cute, although they do take quite a lot of bands. I got my little duck on condition I would go shopping for some more bands. 

I would love to hear about any interesting loom band creations you have come across.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Village Shop

I knitted several houses from my Little Woollie House pattern in the spring, with the plan to make them into shops rather than just houses. As usual other projects got in the way, but I have been thinking I should try and stock up my Etsy Shop a bit for Christmas, and have managed to finish the first shop.

This shop is the village greengrocers. Can you see the bunches of bananas hung up, as well as strings of onions? At the back of the shop is a little cart, piled up with a delivery of potatoes.

It was great fun to stitch. I love hand-stitching on my knitting, and although it may look complicated it is just made from a few basic stitches. There are some tutorials in Embroidery Corner in my sidebar if you fancied making your own shop.

So this shop is off to my own little shop. I am now working on a village post office, so if you keep watching my blog that will appear quite soon.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Sunflower and Bumble Bee

The last hints of summer, and I decided to photograph the one and only sunflower in that I managed to grow in my garden. Huge amount of slugs and snails this year. As I was doing this a bumble bee arrived looking for pollen, and I got these shots. I had to get up very close to the bee, and I was a bit worried I was going to get my nose stung.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Singin' Sweet Songs

I do hope that my blog post title makes sense, although I have ended up with more than just Three Little Birds.

Here are a few pictures from my new pattern - Christmas Bird. Just for once I am trying to get my timing right. Although I wrote the pattern in the spring, I thought I would sit on it for a while and bring it out pre-Christmas. 

The plain white bird is made with a wool with a bit of sparkle, although I found it hard to bring this out in the photo. I decided to let this bird be very simple, and let the shape and wool speak for themselves. On the yellow bird I have just added a bit of embroidery. I am really looking forward to seeing what others make from my pattern, as for a Christmas bird beads and sequins would also look great.

I concentrated really hard on getting the shape of the bird just right. I tried to make an elegant, 3-dimensional bird. It is an easy knit, with just three flat pieces. The pattern contains instructions for plain birds, or Fair Isle ones. I think the Fair Isle ones are really Christmassy, and the pattern contains my Fair Isle chart, and a blank chart so you can have a go at making up your own Fair Isle version. 

You will see that on some of my birds I have added wire legs, while on others I have used a hanging cord. I haven't worked with wire before, so found making the legs a bit of a fiddle, although I think it does make the birds more realistic. My husband made the hanging stick for me with a branch of our apple tree. The choice is yours. 

One of my cats certainly was transfixed with these birds.